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Cognitive-Behaviourists work more directly with the symptoms (say, stress), and use mental techniques and exercises - CBT is currently the most popular form being used in the NHS. This work tends to be symptom focussed
Psychoanalysis (sometimes called a talking therapy) is a long term, very intense form of treatment, from three to five sessions a week. The analyst does not offer advice or make suggestions, instead, s/he analyses not only what the patient says but also what occurs in the relationship between them.
The Humanistic schools (these include Gestalt, Rogerian client centred practice, Existentialism, Transactional Analysis, Bioenergetics, and many others) tend to follow a client centred ethos. Although they aspire not to give advice or lead the client, in some forms of practice the therapists can be fairly directive using structures and exercises to direct clients towards a particular goal.

We offer psychodynamic psychotherapy
What is difference between CBT, Psychoanalysis and the Humanistic psychotherapies?