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What is the difference between psychotherapy, counselling, psychiatry & psychology?

1. Psychiatrists are qualified medical doctors. They tend to deal with severe breakdowns, work in hospitals and treat problems with medication.
2. Psychologists have a degree in psychology and are trained to assess (through questionnaires and so forth) mental health difficulties. Depending on the school they belong to, they can use any number of methods for the treatment, from behavioural to talking therapies.
However, it should be noted that some psychiatrists and psychologists have also trained (and practice) as psychotherapists.
3. Psychotherapists and Counsellors
: It takes about two years (part time) to train as a counsellor. Psychotherapy trainings tend to be of a longer duration - four to six years. Very broadly, counselling focuses on a specific issue and often, is time limited (anything from 3 to 40 sessions say). Meanwhile psychotherapy seeks to address the deeper issues that lie behind the surface difficulties; this work is long term and open ended. Having said this, some would argue that there is no difference between psychotherapy and counselling.
Psychotherapy is just one kind of therapy. There are many other kinds of ‘therapy’, for example, behaviour correction, medication, positive thinking, massage, music therapy, hypno-therapy, art therapy, drama therapy, and so on. The kind of psychotherapy:that we offer is sometimes called a 'talking therapy'.
We offer psychotherapy, and the kind of psychotherapy we offer is psychodynamic.